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Australia – Italian Consular Netwok

Italian Consular Netwok in Australia

The call centre provides information about all the consular services through professionals (Italian and English) who will guide the users in selecting the required service, offering assistance in the completion of forms or with the “online appointment” computer system.

 The service can be reached with the following numbers:


1900 959 112    Registered information: $1.65 per minute, including GST (payment on telephone account);

1900 959 115    Advisor: $3.96 per minute including GST (payment on telephone account);

1300 797 086    Advisor: $12.00 for 8 minutes of conversation (payment by credit card).

Higher rates may apply for calls made from mobile phones and public phones.

The cost of using the Call Centre is notified at the beginning of the call before the user will be connected with an operator and all revenues will fund the service in itself (no profit will be perceived by the Consulate).For technical assistance you can call 1300 363 795 or write